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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nail supplies for art uses?

As a woman, I am really into nail polish right now and that means I tend to search all around looking at a variety of different brands, colors, effects, and even cosmetic blogs centering mainly, if not entirely, around nail polishes.
As an artist, I am ALWAYS keeping an eye open for possible materials and new uses.

Well, I've recently taken a big interest in the Nfu Oh nailpolish brand which, unfortunately, aren't readily available outside of Asia and New Zealand. While searching through the Nfu Oh website I came across a variety of nail supplies that I think could possibly work great for artists who like to do a lot of textured and layered work from mask making to scrap booking to doll making and even costuming and jewelry.

Here's the English version of the NfuOh website:
Here's their blog, which also features video tutorials:

What grabbed my attention MAINLY are the 'Luxury Opal Glitters' -these are irregular shaped flakes of iridescent and metallic glitter material. To me, it looks a lot like cellophane, but as I've never dealt with it in person, I've no idea of how hard or thick it actually is.


-I don't see why this material couldn't be replicated by cutting iridescent/colored cellophane into tiny little shards like these are shaped.

They also offer up what appears to be tiny, crushed up, color opal pieces:

They offer up a great selection of materials in a variety of colors and styles that I think could be used for things other than nails, too.

Here's a video or two from their nail blog to illustrate my point:

While watching this video I kept thinking that the material this artist is using to create the 3D flower petals, as well as the nail extension itself, would be great for artist's working on handmade/sculpted dolls, as well as a variety of other arists. I don't know anything about this material so I don't know how well it adheres to other clays or how durable it is, but if you can wear it on your hands for any length of time, it's got to be somewhat durable. I'm honestly considering it and the above mentioned materials as possible embellishment tools for my own art-work:

What are your thoughts?