Monday, March 10, 2014

Music Introduction: Stephen Shultz

I want to introduce the most excellent music of a good friend of mine, Stephen Shultz.  He calls his music BGM -"Back Ground Music" -which I think does his music a GREAT injustice.  This is straight-up excellent club music.  
I, personally, consider it more of a beautiful and artful mix of ambient with techno music, all instrumental.

Please do give it a listen, 'especially' his "Tunnels" piece. Just excellent!!  And also, please share. I'm trying to talk him into setting up a YouTube channel for his music right now.:D

Laodecia7th / Stephen Shultz, on SoundCloud

Please leave comments as to what you think of his work.

Thanks so much!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Faery Poetry

Would it surprise anyone to learn that I am also a poet? :)   I have been writing poetry since I was a child. Most seriously since I was a teen.   At some point I stopped writing as got in the way, I guess.
Back in Jan. I issued myself a writing-challenge. To write at least one poem a day for a week straight. And I did it. By the end of that week I had written a total of 19 poems. I'm not gonna say they are all good, but several are pretty nice.  The point of this challenge was to help my mind get back into the habit of thinking of and writing poetry.  Well, to some degree, it's worked. I'm not writing as much poetry, but I am writing again.

With that said, I just finished my 3rd long poem in a short series of Faery poems. At the time of writing them...I was merely trying for a good Faery poem...but Faery took hold and drove my pen where it would. I just held on.       I wanted something sweet...the first took it's inspiration from old European Faery-lore and went a little dark...but that was ok. The next, still dark, but not as much. And the third...neither dark nor light...just 'is'.   These were each initially written as their own individual poem...separate from those before and those following after.
But once I finished them...I realized that it was actually a triptych...  It was series of Faery scenes...connected, but not...creating one Faery Tale told through 3 separate poems. Following Faery from one event to another...two of them narrated by mortals.

"The Mushroom Ring"

"Pixie Led"

"Midsummer Masquerade"

-public domain art work.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Name Change...

I'm currently in the process of trying to change the name for my Blogger and anything else associated with my Art work.

It's going from The Enchanted Masquerade to "The Midsummer Night's Masquerade".  Nothing else will change, the art will remain the same style and all...just changing names.  At some point I'll set up a new email with the new name, too.

Sorry for any confusion.

The Worth of handmade Art.

I want to share this because I feel it is very fitting and it greatly touches on an issue I've had to deal with, as an artist, personally myself.

All that this says is true, but one thing it left out. While you are indeed paying for an artist's time and effort and love, etc. You are also paying for their Imagination, their Vision -which made their art possible in the first place.

The worth of handmade Art.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Small Fairy Wings WIP -pt 1

These wings are a late Christmas present to my two nieces, Lilly and Shay.   This is the first time I've made wings this small...excited to see how well they turn out.
These will be iridescent cellophane/vinyl wings. One will be blue and one pink as those are the girls respective favorite colors.  
-with these two I'm playing with the idea of adding in glitter designs between the layers...see how that turns out.

I'm wanting to make a 3rd pair to keep for myself as a model for future wings. Can't decide if I want to keep them clear-iridescent or add in some I really like purple.

-used plastic coated 14gauge galvanized wire and electrical tape to create the frames.

-this set is made up of 4 petals or 'wing segments'. Here is one of the top segments wrapped in brown floral tape. This one measures 17inches from the base straight up to the tip.

-Top and bottom segments together...

-from the top, tip to tip, measures 34 inches wide and from the tip of the top wing segment to the tip of the bottom wing segment, is 20 inches.  

*These are probably more 'medium' sized than 'small' wings by conventional standards...but still pretty small by own standards. :)

Black nylon fairy wings WIP pt3

These poor wings have been sitting for a little while during my work on the Steampunk stuff leading up to Halloween...but I've recently started back up working on them. Finishing the glitter swirls and detailing...adding some deep green dye touches.

These will 'hopefully' be finished soon as I've got another wing project I'm working on now...

I like to hang the wings from my diningroom light-fixture while they dry...well away from my kitties sharp claws. :D

Here you can see where I've added on the green dye around the edges and tips. Originally I wanted to try out my iridescent yellow glitter over the black nylon material...but I'm really liking the change to green a lot better instead. :)