Friday, February 26, 2016

St. Patrick's Day gifts for kids...

Hi everyone!

I've been working on a new project for St. Patrick's Day.
In combination with my Tooth Fairy bags, I now also have Leprechaun pots of gold for kids.

Leprechaun's Pot o' Gold for SALE!!!!

I made all new Leprechaun themed designs for my handmade coins. I've got a small selection ranging from a Leprechaun's face, a shamrock with celtic knotwork decorating it, a pot of gold coins, mushrooms with a pot of gold, a pot of gold with a rainbow coming out of it, a leprechaun's hat with a shamrock on it, and 3 different knotwork designs. 
-Each coin is hand pressed into molds I created. Once the clay coins have cured, they are painted gold and then tarnished with a blackened finish for an aged appearance. Afterward they are each dusted with pearlescent green pigment and gold glitter before being sealed with a glossy varnish.

A friend wrote a poem for me to use in my handwritten Leprechaun letters. It is really cute, I absolutely adore it.   Credit to Serena Davis, copyright 2016.

-Each letter is cut to size, then I carefully burn the edges and then gild them for a beautiful metallic gold shimmer. I add gold designs and a shamrock stamp to the business side of the letter. There's a large gold stamp on the backside of a pot of gold.   Each letter is written by my hand using a calligraphy pen I made which is dipped in black ink as I write. Then rolled up into a scroll and tied with a green ribbon. 

I put a lot of time and effort into setting up a detailed photo-stage and am very happy with the results.
The backdrop leprechaun print is from Brian and Wendy Froud's "Faeries' Tales" book.

Each pot of gold comes with 3 gold Leprechaun coins, a handwritten letter from Shamus the Leprechaun, and a small corked bottle of gold dust (glitter) with an attached leprechaun charm. These items are neatly packed up in a small white organza drawstring bag and tucked nicely into the pot and together these are then wrapped up in a larger green organza drawstring bag with a note to mom and dad from me.

These little pots of gold could be hidden in your child's sock drawer, behind their favorite box of cereal, or even inside their shoe (Leprechauns are well-known as shoe makers, after all!). Make a nice little surprise for your child to find on St. Patrick's Day. :D

Now available for sale through my Etsy shop and on Faerie Magazine's website!

Leprechaun's Pot o' Gold for SALE!!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

"The Luna Moth Fairy Pendant"
-I created this gorgeous large statement-piece necklace pendant right before Christmas. It's a One of a Kind, handmade item.  I made the wings from a combination of transparent liquid polymer clay, pearlescent pigments and glitters, and a high-quality iridescent film, accented with AB crystal rhinestones.  The metal jewelry pieces are hand painted with a selection of acrylic paints and iridescent interference art mediums, and accented with hanging crystals at the bottom.  This pendant is 5" in length by 5.5" across from wing tip to wing tip at the very top.

I'm very proud of this piece and want to make more large pendants in similar styles and themes. I may even try reproducing this same design, but being handmade, there will be differences, of course.

I'm really happy with how beautifully the photos with the teapot turned out...especially due to all the elements that went into producing them. I used a large pair of my iridescent fairy wings to help redirect sunlight, from the window above and behind this setup, onto the pendant.  -Something that just happened on a whim, but worked out great. :)
I was lucky to just happen to have this old silver teapot sitting around, which I'd picked up from a Goodwill earlier this year.  It turned out to be a beautiful photo prop.

I have it for sale right now in my Etsy shop, right here: Luna Moth Fairy Pendant on Etsy

Thursday, December 10, 2015

My BIG news!! - Faerie Magazine...

 Ok, this is my 'last' post for now, lol!!!

I had mentioned my Big news a couple of posts back...  but first, if you haven't yet taken a look at my Tooth Fairy bags post, please go do so now. Don't worry, I'll wait. :D

Ok, SOooooo   Faerie Magazine is now selling my Tooth Fairy bags through their website!!!! :D    They were directed to my etsy page and really liked my Tooth Fairy bags and contacted me immediately.  They sold out of the first 8 I sent them pretty quickly and then at their request I made them a custom design for the Tooth Fairy "Faery Wish" coins. Something different from the Tooth Fairy coins I sell through my own Etsy shop.

I'm really excited over this as I have been a long-time fan of their beautiful magazines and have often dreamt of selling my artwork through their magazine -though I always imagined I'd be buying ad space vs selling directly through their website like this. Even better! :D   I feel like this is a really fantastic opportunity for me and am 'incredibly' flattered over their attention to my Tooth Fairy bags. :)

So in my last post I showed my own Tooth Fairy bags which I sell through my own Etsy shop.  Here are the ones I am selling through Faerie Magazine. Everything is exactly the same, the only difference is the Faery Wish coin has a different design on one side. This design is exclusive to Faery Magazine for as long they sell my coins through their site.
Tooth Fairy bags at Faerie Magazine 

 -Everything from the last post regarding my own Tooth Fairy bags applies the same here, except that you can't request to have your child's name personally addressed in the Tooth Fairy letter.  But what you see in this bottom photo is what you get. ONE 'Faery Wish' coin per Tooth Fairy bag.

Now, the pics below are some 'behind the scenes' pics as I was making them..

 -This is a mixed pile of they've only been painted and blackened for an aged effect. I actually like this look, but they are a lot prettier with the color pearlescent pigments added.

 -These next few are the same custom Tooth Fairy coin design for Faerie Magazine, but just showing some different colorings.

And lastly... here's a large order I mailed out to Faerie Magazine yesterday afternoon:

They are 'currently' out of stock at the Faerie Magazine site 'till they receive this box, but you can check it out here:
Tooth Fairy bags at Faerie Magazine

Thanks! :)

Handmade Tooth Fairy bags

And my last post for now, I want to share with you all my latest creation around my handmade coins.

I came up with the idea to create Tooth Fairy bags as gifts from the Tooth Fairy to put under your child's pillow in exchange for their lost tooth.
The gift bag includes:
* ONE hand painted small blue fabric drawstring bag, with a stylized tooth design on the front
* ONE hand-written letter to your child from the Tooth Fairy, written in cursive.
-I cut the paper to size and burn the edges for an aged look, decorate with a couple of Fairy stamps, including one that says "Tooth Fairy Approved". Then I use a metal calligraphy pen dipped in a pot of black ink to write each letter by hand.  If you purchase through my Etsy shop and give me your child's name, I'll personally address the letter to your child by name.   And you can even include some details you might want added into the letter from the Tooth Fairy. :)   The letter is rolled into a tight scroll and tied with a red ribbon with a small silver charm attached. Currently either a small silver fairy wand charm or a charm with "Believe" written on it.
* ONE handmade 2-sided "Faery Wish" coin. On one side is a Tooth Fairy design and on the other a large tooth design.  Each coins is hand painted and decorated with colorful pearlescent pigments, so no 2 are ever exactly alike. And the coins vary in colors.
* and this bag comes with a small baggy of iridescent glitter that you can sprinkle around the bag and under your child's pillow if you choose to.
-And it's up to you, as the parent, to put anything extra in the bag you might want, like coins or a dollar bill.

The coins are durable and feel like a light-weight but hard plastic. Don't leave them in water or in heat and they'll last a very very long time. :)

You can purchase my Tooth Fairy bags through my Etsy shop, here:
Tooth Fairy bags at Etsy 

Here are my Tooth Fairy bags:

 -The money is not included, just shown as an example in the photos. Also, only ONE letter - this pic shows the letter rolled up in a scroll and tied, as well as open to show you what it looks like inside. And 2 Faery Wish coins are pictured to show you what both the front and the backside looks like, but only one is provided per bag.

-This is what you get with each Tooth Fairy gift bag purchase.

And some brief 'behind the scenes' shots:

-Some front and back some different color combos going on with these Tooth Fairy coins.

And a whole batch of coins I had going at once...whew!!!

I'm selling each bag at $20 each. They take a lot of time and materials to make.

Rather than buying something printed off of the computer to give to your child from the Tooth Fairy, why not keep the hand-crafted magic with a personal touch as an option?

I've looked around online and so far haven't seen anything else quite like what I'm offering.  I've already sold quite a few and have had glowing reviews from the parents regarding their child's excitement and joy over their magical surprise under their pillow.   And every time I hear from another parent about how much their child loved their Tooth Fairy bag, it makes me really happy and convinces me that I'm on the right track. :D

To purchase one of my hand-crafted Tooth Fairy bags, click on this link: (I currently have 9 available with more in the works!)
Tooth Fairy bags at Etsy

Mermaid and Pirate "Faire Coins"

I'm posting Mermaids and Pirates together because they just seem to go hand-in-hand in my opinion...but also because I have mingled some mermaid designs into my Pirate themed coins.

Now, like the Faery coins I also dust my Mermaid coins with colorful pearlescent pigments and glitters...though I do try to keep more greens and blues with the Mermaids.
My Pirate coins are spray painted in a variety of metal colors from silver and gold to copper and bronze. And then I just do an aged blackened patina on them...though, I have done a few with a turquoise looking water-rust effect, which was pretty cool looking, too. :)

And the few pics are the Renaissance themed coins. Now these are done with a little more of a realistic flair with designs that are familiar to the Renaissance/Medieval period. They are not as aged as the Pirate coins are, but do still have a little bit of a tarnished patina on them.      

Like the Faery coins and the Renaissance coins, I am planning to eventually create themed photos for each series of coins.  I have plans for better staged photos for both the Mermaid and Pirate coins. But for now, this is what I've got.  
Oh, and eventually I will be making the Mermaid coins waterproof for Mermaid performers/entertainers. :)

 -Two mermaids with a Pirate ship between their tails.

 -Here's a mix of Mermaid and Pirate coins. I included holes at the tops of coins when it is requested, so they can be worn on a necklace or as a favor.

 -A lone mermaid looking out at a ship on the waves.

 -A Renaissance Jester coin at the bottom here.

 -Just Pirate coins here.

 -The Renaissance coins.

If you are interested in purchasing some coins for yourself, feel free to contact me through my shop on Etsy:

Thanks! :)