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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine article on ME!!

I am sooo thrilled to announce that I have had an article written on me by an editor at the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and it is now featured on their website.  You can read all about it, here:  Beautiful Bizarre features The Midsummer's Night Masquerade

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Steampunk-Pirate octopus planchette necklace

This design has been on my mind for a bit of time now.  Glad to finally get it out.
It's not 'quite' as I'd designed it, but still really good. :)
This is my first ever octopus sculpt and I'm pretty happy with it.    Though, this is a bit of a Cthulhu/octopus look vs a realistic octopus. But I'm cool with that. :D

And some outdoor shots of it, to show off the details better:

I really like how the twists and curves in the tentacles turned out.
Especially at the top where I curled the tips around a bit.

I LOVE how beautifully the blue weathered water-rust patina turned out on this.  I feel like it really provides that needed break-up of the monochromatic bronze tone.  
Though, in my original design, I was going to do the rust patina over the 'whole' piece. That might still have looked cool, but I don't think it would have had the same impact that using it sparingly might have.

I'm just about to add this one to my Etsy shop.  Kinda hate to part with it, but sadly, I don't see myself wearing it much, if at all. Only because I don't really have anywhere cool to wear it to.    At least, not right now, anyway.

Be sure to look for it on my Etsy shop: 

New planchette necklace photos

Today is the last day to get 20% off of your Ouija planchette necklace when you use Etsy coupon code OUIJA20 at checkout.  Good only on the ouija planchette necklaces.

I recently took some new pics of my planchettes. Really wanted a more 'professional' feel to these pieces. A backdrop to do them justice. :)

 I 'really' like this set-up, it feels a lot more fitting for the style and theme of these planchettes. The brown satin of the backdrop and the black velvet of the display, gorgeous. Like chocolate, lol! :D

Remember to use Etsy coupon code OUIJA20 to save 20% on your planchette necklace order.

Let me know what you think. Too dark? Just right? :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Medieval-fantasy necklace pendants

Well, this weekend I took a little break from the macabre with my Victorian planchettes, when I found myself inspired to make these new medieval-themed necklace pendants. I was listening to some beautiful instrumental music while browsing Pinterest and suddenly, I had to do this. :D

I'm really loving these and honestly don't want to get rid of them, lol! I just keep telling myself that I can always make myself another one later on if I still really want it. :D

Each of these is currently available for sale in my Etsy shop:

Each of these pendants is handcrafted from polymer clay. They each feature various iridescent glass bubble-like beads.  The Seahorse and Unicorn pendants are decorated with genuine freshwater pearls.

This design features 2 Dryad lovers embracing and kissing. I love this design, it's so sweet and beautiful. :)

I'm in LOVE with the angle of this shot, turned out Beautifully!!!    I used a metal tree-branch connector for the top of this pendant and really like the effect.  I've always used them in a set of 2 but using just the one, has a really impactful effect. :D

This Red Unicorn pendant turned out soo beautifully! I think I was channeling the medieval Unicorn Tapestries when I was creating this one. :D   I feel like the red of the unicorn really POPS against the golden teal of the background. :)

If you like mermaids, this one is definitely up your alley. :)  I've been itching to include some of my freshwater pearls in a piece and this was the perfect opportunity.   The background of this piece was supposed to be a pearly white, but somehow turned out looking a bit more 'Mother of Pearl', but I really really like the effect. :)

Now this one isn't offered in my Etsy shop. This one is just for me. It's a small piece on a very thin and delicate silver chain.  I'd been thinking about creating something like this for myself for a few days before I finally sat and just did it.   I was originally just planning to create the crescent moon, but I had this Goddess charm sitting around and it was a perfect match. :D

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween ouija planchette necklaces

For Halloween I was recently inspired to create handcrafted Ouija planchettes from polymer clay.  Being that Spirit boards, communication with spirits, divination, and the paranormal were "all the rage" during the early 1900's, I really wanted to embrace the Victorian-Goth/Steampunk style with my planchette necklaces.

Each of these planchettes is currently available for sale through my Etsy shop:

I wanted to approach the macabre with a bit of style and elegance, but also with a sense of darkly melancholy beauty.

While each planchette embodies a lot of the same elements, I wanted them to have their own distinct look, too, and not just differences in metal-tone.
Each planchette measures about 3" in length and includes iridescent glass ball gems, and a glass gem in the bottom-center.

Starting with the first one I created:

Since I love silver, I next really wanted to give antiqued silver a bit more play:

I love all the little details included in this one. The thigh bones at the bottom were  perfect. :D

This time I wanted to try a more 'hands on' look. :D   I really like the hand charms ON the planchette rather than just attached to it.  And the sun/moon theme worked out beautifully, too.  I really love the red-copper shade of this one. :)

This one struggled against my idea of the white background, but it finally came through for me and I'm really happy with it. :)

With this one I wanted a add a little more 'pizzazz'. So I included a genuine amethyst crystal point and a pelvis - cause it's cool. :D
Really happy with it! :D

And, with this one, I wanted to go a little different...a bit more light-hearted.  This one is Forest-Witch themed:

I had fun doing this one - got to play with COLORS. :D  I will admit that doing such a small pentacle had it's challenges, but turned out really nicely. :D

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