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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art that is inspiring to me...dolls #2

I'm working on trying to find out how to do a sort of cut with these posts so that you have the option to click on a link to see more of this post rather than all of it at once.
Please bear with me...

So, I've got a couple more artists and their work I'd like to share with you all. These are also fine-art doll makers whom I greatly admire the work of:
First up:
One of my very favorite artists, whom I've enjoyed the works of online for a couple of years now...

"Forest Rogers"
-click on the name to go directly to this artist's website, please.


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-The Eros Gallery page:

"Mushroom Faery":

"Sea Maid's Music":

Next up:

Marina Bychkova:
These are some beautifully made and anatomically correct ball-jointed dolls.
This artist not only makes each doll by hand, not sure about the use of molds or no, but I assume yes. She also hand makes the costumes and wigs, casting every little metal accessory down to tiny little silver shoes. Amazing attention to detail!

"Kia -The Water Nymph"

-click on image to go to the DA listing.


"Cixi, the Young Empress":

"Holding a butterfly":

Be sure to check these artists out!:)