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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Steampunk: Fairy wings WIP -part 1

I may be over-reaching with all the projects on my lap for this up-coming Steampunk party and only a week left to finish it all in...but I'm confident I can get it done.:)

Part of my costume for this Steampunk Party involves Fairy wings...
If you've looked back through my blog much, you can see that I do my fairy wings BIG.  Honestly, with a couple of those I did intend to go smaller...but they just ended up really big...somehow. *chuckles*   
But, since I'll be at a party, amongst roughly 20 people, in a friend's house....I need to keep these relatively small.  I don't want tiny, but 'small-ish'...aiming for roughly a foot and a half in length from my back to the tip. Maybe 2' at the most. But I want them tilted hopefully further out of people's way and less chance of me causing havoc with them.

Here's the design I'm taking as inspiration....well, the general shape, anyway:

Source: New Steampunk wings by YayaCosplay on

I like that size, but I'm going to go just a little larger.   Mine will be made of cellophane and vinyl.
I've got the regular clear iridescent cellophane and a roll of clear, metallic bronze cellophane (both purchased at Hobby Lobby).  I don't know 'yet' how those two will look combined...but I think it'll be an interesting effect.    I'm considering sandwiching some torn sections of metal screen mesh between the layers of cellophane and vinyl with the wire frame...not sure yet, still deciding on that one...
I'm going to use my "rubbed-oil bronze" spray paint and do a fade of dark color on the outer edges of the wing's tips.  The top part of the wing, what I call the 'spine', will have some copper painted/aged/patina'ed craft foam folder over it and cut in a design.

I've ordered two of these that I will be attaching to the knuckle-joints of the top wing frame:
-these are 3inch, battery-operated, plasma discs, which I ordered through
I've got some copper wire that I'll be attaching and some nuts and bolts -purely for the decoration.
Once I've got it all painted, I'll see if there is more I can add for decoration to the top of the wings...but it may not need anything more, we'll see.:)