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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Steampunk: Goggles WIP -part 3

Nearly finished with these now and I have got to say, I am extremely impressed with myself on these. My goggles TOTALLY rock right now...and they still aren't finished!!! ;D

I stayed up late lastnight working on these and went to bed very happy with them.:)

I've since added hose clamps, which I have aged using matte black spray paint.  Added two magnification lenses. The light inside the larger lens is a battery operated LED tea-light that's been stripped down. I've painted both the LED bulb and the lens a deep blue using alcohol paint. These have been glued on using E6000 glue.

The bulb is a blown out head-lamp bulb from my car...I took the metal bits off of the bottom and using E6000 glue, attached it to the side here and then covered that with 4 different decorative gear pieces which have been glued together.

*I'm actually against just gluing gears on randomly for the sake of having gears. I'm not an engineer...I don't understand mechanics nor do I know how to put gears and things like that together so that they 'actually work'...but I can fake it. ;D       As long as gears are placed in such a way that they look believable as having a function -then awesome.  AND, if gears (or other mechanical pieces) are used purely for decoration in the function of jewelry, a brooch, etc.
The whole Steampunk 'world' is fantasy, of course, but operating within that 'world', I believe that the people of that time/place would use small gear and mechanical bits as decoration, too.  So seeing a gear as a cuff link or earrings is totally cool. :)

The top pics. are of the right eye....these next few are of the left, not 'as' cool looking...but I'm still working on 'em.:D

These two lens are one...and the bottom arrived in the mail with a small imperfection in the side of the lens...I'm a perfectionist, I didn't like it but I don't have time to send it back and get another one before my part next Sat.    So, I just used more of my blue alcohol ink paints and tinted this lens. It's a cool effect and it covers the imperfection.:)
*I'm debating on adding more onto this left side...not sure yet. I really like the paint job I did that I hate to cover it up, but it's looking a little bare in comparison.:/     I like symmetry and balance...but it still looks really just just as is.

 (Edit) *the additional lens I used on these goggles were ordered from suppliers through
-SE Lens Clip  -both single and double lens
-5x Spectacle Eyeglass Magnifier

Here's more of them lit up. I tried taking pics with the flash on, but you couldn't get the full effect of the blue glow, so I just did my best without the flash:

And here's a side view with the additional outer lens flipped up and out of the way:

I'm about to go to a friend's and have him help me put some leather straps on since he's got the tools and rivets, etc. I'm SOOOO excited!
And since taking these pics lastnight, I've added on a couple small gears at the screw-joints of the lens. Looking really good!!:D