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Monday, September 30, 2013

Steampunk: Top Hat WIP -part 3

Just a quick little update here... lastnight I finally got the brim totally hand-sewn and now I have the beginnings of a small blister on the tip of my thumb. But I think it was worth it.:)
Still planning on doing a black trim around the edges of the brim.

I sized and cut the fabric for the corset part that will go around the middle of the hat and just finished hand-hemming it. I was going to go with the thinner black bias tape I've got, but I think it looks really good without that.  Once I got all the edges folded over and hand-stitched for a nice, clean edge...then it was time to add the rivet-eyelets:

They didn't come out exactly perfect..but I'm not too concerned about that right now.
I only had the small black eyelets, but had planned to paint them, anyhow.  So after a quick rub-down with some liquid-gold metal paint and then some matte black for aging, here they are:

Much happier with them now.:)

Tonight I'll be adding this corset part to the hat...first using adhesive and then probably doing some hand-stitching.  I've pulled out some peacock and pheasant feathers and am planning on making a new brooch piece with the feathers for the hat.
-I had seen a bleached-white peacock feather at Hobby Lobby that I'm wishing I'd gotten...might still...I think it could look really sharp.:)