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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Altars: Prosperity -Oct. 2013

I've been going through a rough patch for a few months now and felt I could use a little help from  Goddess/the Universe. So one evening, feeling particularly inspired, I decided to sit down and create a small Prosperity altar/spell for myself and I have to say, not only am I quite happy at how nicely it turned out, but it's also been very productive and helpful when I've truly needed it.

*This is my first ever Prosperity spell/altar and I think it's proven to be a successful one.

I figured setting my Prosperity altar on top of my already existing Samhain altar was as good a place as any.:)

*This small/miniature Prosperity altar is sitting in a terra cotta plant-platter. There is decorative white sand spread all over the bottom of the planter in a thick layer. The large white candle in the center is my Moon candle...a while ago I inscribed the glyph of the triple moon onto two sides: )O(
Two long, green, taper candle-sticks and a small green candle around the Moon candle are here to represent abundance and growth and money (green). I sprinkled a variety of copper and silver coins around the base of the candles...a couple quartz crystal points, and two copper and two silver plated leaf pendants. There's an empty tea-light tin filled to the brim with honey, a found remnant of bee or wasp nest (I think it's actually wasp, but we'll pretend it's bee), and a small heaping of corn kernals.
(-the significance of the honey/corn/and bee nest is the correlation to the color yellow/gold...which is standing in to symbolize gold/money)
I've got 3 dried Bay leaves, each with $100 to $1000 written on it in green ink and job/money/happiness also written on them.
I have a small jar filled with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground chives, gold glitter and two very shiny copper pennies, between the two green candles -these herbs are said to symbolize/attract wealth/money.
I've sprinkled the whole thing with gold glitter -further symbolism and later on I placed a green ribbon around it all.

-Created and set in motion during the night of the Full Moon.

There is energy in colors and herbs and crystals...and symbolism. A lot of magick is held together with correlations and long as the intent and the will is there.

Unfortunately, I let the large white pillar candle burn for far too long and it ended up literally flooding the altar:

And spilling over onto the altar below...

-I've got plans to eventually melt the wax down and try to save most everything out of it. I've got some nice jewelry pieces in there, not to mention various coins and crystals, and I wouldn't mind saving that bit of hornet's nest, either.
The fun part is going to be getting the wax out of the altar fabrics below it.:/