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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Faery Poetry

Would it surprise anyone to learn that I am also a poet? :)   I have been writing poetry since I was a child. Most seriously since I was a teen.   At some point I stopped writing as got in the way, I guess.
Back in Jan. I issued myself a writing-challenge. To write at least one poem a day for a week straight. And I did it. By the end of that week I had written a total of 19 poems. I'm not gonna say they are all good, but several are pretty nice.  The point of this challenge was to help my mind get back into the habit of thinking of and writing poetry.  Well, to some degree, it's worked. I'm not writing as much poetry, but I am writing again.

With that said, I just finished my 3rd long poem in a short series of Faery poems. At the time of writing them...I was merely trying for a good Faery poem...but Faery took hold and drove my pen where it would. I just held on.       I wanted something sweet...the first took it's inspiration from old European Faery-lore and went a little dark...but that was ok. The next, still dark, but not as much. And the third...neither dark nor light...just 'is'.   These were each initially written as their own individual poem...separate from those before and those following after.
But once I finished them...I realized that it was actually a triptych...  It was series of Faery scenes...connected, but not...creating one Faery Tale told through 3 separate poems. Following Faery from one event to another...two of them narrated by mortals.

"The Mushroom Ring"

"Pixie Led"

"Midsummer Masquerade"

-public domain art work.