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Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween ouija planchette necklaces

For Halloween I was recently inspired to create handcrafted Ouija planchettes from polymer clay.  Being that Spirit boards, communication with spirits, divination, and the paranormal were "all the rage" during the early 1900's, I really wanted to embrace the Victorian-Goth/Steampunk style with my planchette necklaces.

Each of these planchettes is currently available for sale through my Etsy shop:

I wanted to approach the macabre with a bit of style and elegance, but also with a sense of darkly melancholy beauty.

While each planchette embodies a lot of the same elements, I wanted them to have their own distinct look, too, and not just differences in metal-tone.
Each planchette measures about 3" in length and includes iridescent glass ball gems, and a glass gem in the bottom-center.

Starting with the first one I created:

Since I love silver, I next really wanted to give antiqued silver a bit more play:

I love all the little details included in this one. The thigh bones at the bottom were  perfect. :D

This time I wanted to try a more 'hands on' look. :D   I really like the hand charms ON the planchette rather than just attached to it.  And the sun/moon theme worked out beautifully, too.  I really love the red-copper shade of this one. :)

This one struggled against my idea of the white background, but it finally came through for me and I'm really happy with it. :)

With this one I wanted a add a little more 'pizzazz'. So I included a genuine amethyst crystal point and a pelvis - cause it's cool. :D
Really happy with it! :D

And, with this one, I wanted to go a little different...a bit more light-hearted.  This one is Forest-Witch themed:

I had fun doing this one - got to play with COLORS. :D  I will admit that doing such a small pentacle had it's challenges, but turned out really nicely. :D

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