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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Up-coming project...

First, Happy Halloween/Samhain!!!!!!!!!!

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Yesterday (Friday) my customer received her Peacock mask in the mail and sent me a message thanking me and she sounded SOO excited. That made me quite happy -that my work/art is appreciated and even adored by a complete stranger.:D
I was so happy that she was so excited over it and I can't wait to see any pics. she sends me of herself adorned with her new mask at her Masqueradeball event.
I 'always' enjoy seeing photos of my customers wearing/enjoying their masks.:D I've still got my mask-making supplies spread out in the livingroom (I like to work in front of the tv), I'm seriously giving some thought to creating my 2nd ever Fairy mask...the Autumn Fairy. I've got some gorgeous bronze and orange paints, velvet-textured fabric fall leaves, some lovely orangey/brown/red feathers, and I recently picked up some dried flowers called "Desert Rose". I'm going to let my wheels spin a little further on this one and consult notes I made back last year for this mask....see if I want to go with any earlier ideas or come up with some new ones.

Ultimately, I'd love to get some of those dried water lily seed pods, but really small, to use as decoration for my Autumn Fairy mask, but unfortunately...I can't seem to find any small enough.:/

Water Lily seed pods:

For those of you new to my blog and my art-work, here is the Fairy mask I made back in 2007:

*My DA gallery:

The up-coming Autumn Fairy mask will be similar in shape and size, but I want to try out a new idea for the wings. I like the horns very much on my last Fairy mask, so I'm going to keep to the theme with this one, too.:D

I'm thinking of either going with a moth-wing 'look' or doing an iridescent film 'look' and painting some designs over top. I've thought about trying my hand at paper wings similar to those of Renae Taylor @ -gorgeous work!
But, I'm not really sure how to go about that or what paper is best to use. I may still give it a try though some time...we'll see.:D

I'm trying to get myself into the habit of posting my mask/art related thoughts, as well as art/craft items I find out about, on a regular basis. Give you some insight into my mind when it comes to art.

Hope you enjoy!:)