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Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Peacock Mask -Finished

And here I've got some pics. of my latest Peacock mask before I have to mail it off to a lovely woman named Jasmin in Switzerland this coming weekend:  photo DSCN7743_zpsa71b7412.jpg ~*~  photo DSCN7745_zps247c9c70.jpg ~*~  photo DSCN7748_zpsf0affa6c.jpg ~*~  photo DSCN7765_zpsb7fa72e6.jpg ~*~  photo DSCN7769_zps31573560.jpg ~*~  photo DSCN7532_zps84a783bc.jpg I'm pretty happy with how well this one turned out. Unfortunately, the paint job photographed lighter than it really is in person, but otherwise...really good.:)