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Monday, July 1, 2013

Steampunk meets Art-Nouveau meets Faery

I've had this idea in my mind for a while now of a steampunk/art-nouveau/fairy mask..and I've been slowly buying up the decorations for it and refining the image of it in my mind. I don't want to overload it with details, but at the same time...that's a big part of my masks -the details. I'm not going to give it ALL away here, but I want to share what I've got in mind so far...  photo DSCN8367_zpsafe45698.jpg -still debating over the color...I'm pretty partial to purples anyway; I had originally thought maybe a rusty brown or sepia toned off-white, but I feel like so many of the details would get lost against either of those colors either by blending in or being swallowed altogether. Purple seems to be the right balance right now for everything involved. And it's not a bright or particularly vivid purple, either. Here I finally found some copper wire that just might work for the wing frame and membrane:  photo DSCN8366_zps8322d544.jpg -and those are iridescent green/blue beetle wings which will also go on the mask.. -This is combo of some of the Steampunk gear and clock elements I plan to use, as well as various bronze jewelry bits that will play in with the art-nouveau theme.  photo DSCN8362_zps65271068.jpg  photo DSCN8358_zps66af485b.jpg -Also, I plan on adding color accents to the various art-nouveau pieces using these metal Patina paints. I've never used them before, but I think they'll add some excellent color accents here and there.  photo DSCN8361_zps0da3e2ae.jpg ~*~  photo DSCN8357_zps69b551e5.jpg ~*~  photo DSCN8359_zps8f53b7eb.jpg -I plan to cut this in half and use it as the accent on the forehead...debating over the keep the pearl in the center or not... *Ironically, the design I drew on the forehead was something I'd come up with before I ever came across this jewelry piece. It's not an 'exact' match to my design, but it comes pretty close. And all this just for one mask:  photo DSCN8360_zpsc110c683.jpg I've got the silk floral accents in my craft room along with the metal mesh I want to use for the wings themselves. And, as I want this one to actually turn out smooth and last a long time while keeping it's shape, I'm wanting to give this new clay a try:  photo DSCN8368_zps225f5e97.jpg -I understand that this is primarily used for doll making, but I'm hoping it'll work just as well for a mask. Thoughts?