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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Imperial Phoenix mask WIP

Another blast from the past while I'm sitting here updating...
I made this mask back in Dec. of 2011 for a masquerade party I was invited to at a friend's house. This was a last minute decision on my part and I believe I worked my butt off over it in the space of one week, staying up all night and literally finishing it with a couple of hours to spare before the party.

And this one is pretty much start to finish as far as the WIP pics go. I didn't show the mask-base I built up and worked off of nor the process of making the mask itself.  But here it is:

I like horns on my Faery and I view this Phoenix mask as a part of the world of Faery in that it is 'otherworldly'...and I've seen some really renditions of Phoenix birds with little horns on them. So that's why I chose to include horns on this one.
This plastic mask serves no other purpose than just a place to set the mask on while it's drying that will keep it up off of a flat surface and help it to maintain it's overall shape while it is wet.

Now it's shiny due to the coating of polyurethane varnish to seal it and prep it for painting:

This is a variety of different red paints and a couple different layers, all hand-painted.


And done.:)