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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Forest Goblin mask

Last year I made a Forest Goblin mask for a friend of mine.  I just realized that I never posted about it and so I'm going to do so now.

I did take some WIP pics, but apparently not till after I had it fully sculpted...but there's still some process shots going on:


This mask is completely hand-sculpted by me using an air-dry clay called "Craft Porcelain". I'm trying to find a new clay to use for my masks right now as the quality of this clay is not what it once was when I first started buying it back in 2005. I think the makers of this clay are following along with most other American companies and opting for cheaper materials, which, unfortunately, also means cheaper and poorer quality.

In these pics. the clay is still a little on the damp still drying. 

And here the clay is fully dried and has a nice bone-white color to it, and has been sanded with the use of my dremel tool.

This is the backside right after I've removed it from the form I built it over.

Here the mask is all shiny from the varnish I coated it in to seal the mask/clay from moisture and give it more receptive surface for my paints.

Still painting on it here:

And finished:

I pad the backside using textured craft felt:

And my friend wearing his new mask for Halloween: