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Monday, September 16, 2013

My Muse is in the building!!!

I don't know if it's from all the crafting of Faery stuff for the Ren Faire I just finished up doing or if it's Autumn sweeping it's chilly tides through my part of the world now or what, but recently I feel like I've had a literal deluge of ideas and inspiration buffeting at me from practically every side.

 I recently started making those iridescent film fairy wings...made two for myself now and taught/helped a friend of mine to make a set for an up-coming burlesque show she's doing in Oct. Made a new floral head-garland just on a whim and it turned out beautifully. And a friend has invited me out to his up-coming Steampunk costume party in Oct. so I've been brainstorming over ideas for costume accents for that.
Been taking advantage of my 3rd story apt views of the sunsets in the evenings and been exercising my photography skills there. My burlesque friend recently wanted to do a photoshoot out at the lake of herself dressed as a mermaid in various tails she'd made herself, and she asked me to be her photographer. We had fun and I was able to get some input in on poses and things like that. We got some fantastic pics. out of that 'shoot.:) I'm currently in-between jobs and so have had a lot of down-time at home...but been putting it to good use.:)

 After I made my 2nd pair of cellophane wings I felt frustrated that they weren't turning out smoothly as those of others I'd seen online. Sure, mine still look pretty good, but with the amount of time and effort being put into them, I was feeling rather discouraged with the crinkles in the film and whatnot. I started feeling like, "this is the last pair I'm making, this isn't for me. I just need to go back to my mask and floral garland making...leave the wing making to the professionals." the same time, I don't feel 'quite' ready to fully give up just yet. I started out too big, I think.
-I've discovered over the years that I have this odd propensity to go big on pretty much everything I do. I apparently don't know how to do small or plain or even simple. It's all grandiose for me or not at all. *chuckling*

 I'm planning on going to my friend's Steampunk party as an air-ship-pirate Fairy. Yep, a mouthful and possibly a bit odd, but I'm going with it.:D I get to challenge myself in two different ways. 1. I'll be making steampunk themed wings for the first time and, 2. working small. I'll be around a lot of other people and in a person's I need to make MUCH smaller wings than I am use to making. These need to unobtrusive and easy to move around with, but still noticeable. That's going to be an interesting challenge for me, but I believe I can do it and I already have some ideas in mind for the wings, so aside from some materials tomorrow, I'm pretty much ready to go.:) And I'll be making myself a top-hat from foam, a steampunk'ed musket, and some striped leggings, and steampunking out some welding goggles I've got. The costume is pretty much already decided on. It's put together from a mixture of Ren Faire garb and mundane clothes I already own.:)

 I've kind of put off my mask-making for a little bit right now while I'm delving into wing-making...but mask making is still a big passion of mine and I still have ideas I want to work on. It's just that right now I'm hung-up on wings. The wings are easier and faster to make than the mask in some ways and harder in others. But definitely faster and I'm an impatient person anyway.:D With that all said, I'm wrapping up this post and I'll immediately be posting some pics. of my latest works.:)

Before I leave you though, real quick, a couple pics of my craftroom as it is now....with more of my artwork hanging in there, it's looking more and more put-together and I like that.:)

After a little bit of organizing for my wire: