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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Post-Ren Faire pics.

Back in July I posted briefly about some of the stuff I was up to and how I was in charge of the Faery cast, etc.
But now I'm going to show you some of what I'd been up to:

First, being the Faery Queen, I made myself some big new wings and a very lovely floral head-garland:

And here's the garland I made for myself:
-I'm very inspired by Alfonse Mucha and art nouveau, so I think some of that comes out in a lot of my head garlands.:)

And here's me wearing it during the Faire:

-I've since gone back over the wings and fixed them so they sit up more rigid and straight...but I was whacking people all over the place when I'd walk past or turn out. *laughing* I've recently let various people know that there should be no more 'unintentional' Fairy-bitch-slaps from me next year. ;D

Also, from various Faery lore I've read over the years and Faery imagery, I was inspired to make a bunch of Faery coins to be passed out to the children at the Faire.   These are all handmade and hand-painted and the imprints are from various bits of jewelry I own. 

 So, that's the Faire.:D