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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Steampunk: Flint Lock Pistol WIP -part 1

Another Steampunk project I'm currently working on is re-hashing a plastic Pirate Flint Lock pistol into a cool Steampunk Flint Lock pistol.
-I think I've mentioned in a recent past post, but I've been invited to a friend's Steampunk themed party which is taking place during early October, so I'm trying to rush about getting all of my Steampunk stuff ready.
I've already got a costume put together from bits of my Renaissance Faire garb and some of my own mundane clothing...might have a tweek or two to make on the costume, but I'm currently concentrating on the hat, gun, wings, and goggles.:D

So, I picked this toy pirate gun up at the Party America store here in town for about $7:

Following this tutorial:  Steampunk Pirate Gun Mod Tutorial
I sat down with a small screwdriver and took all the plastic 'silver' design bits off. I didn't sand down the handle/barrel or anything like I probably should have, but I coated it in a couple layers of a matte black spray paint and then in an oil-rubbed bronze spray paint: 

I love the oil-rubbed has a really sharp look to it.

And here I've gone and sprayed each of the silver decorative plates with the matte black spray paint and then with the oil-rubbed bronze and then I went over that with the metallic bronze spray paint.
Using Q-tips, I highlighted the upraised patterns with some old-gold enamel model-paint:

And here's some of the detailing so far:

This gives an idea of how they looked before being painted.

I'm still going to go over these decorative pieces with some dark brown or black paint for an 'aged' look.
My friend, who is throwing the party, has offered for me to come over some time this week and poke through his drawer of extra copper plumbing pieces for extra bits to add to my gun and possibly to my goggles, too.  Hopefully I can find some interesting stuff to add to this and make it look more 'steampunk'.  *fingers crossed*

Watch for more WIP updates on this pistol.:)