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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Steampunk: Goggles WIP -part 1

Last year I got lucky and found a slightly banged up pair of welders goggles at a junk-yard sale for a few bucks. I was already curious about Steampunk by then and thought they might come in handy at some point in the future. So, thankfully, I bought them.:)     They sat in one of my craft supplies containers for a while 'till recently when I got invited to a friend's up-coming Steampunk themed party in Oct. and now I have a purpose for them.:)

I've ordered some extra small lenses to attach to them and am trying to think up other stuff to add onto them, but right now I've just them somewhat painted.
-As with the Flint Lock pistol, I used the matte black spray paint as the base, a quick sweep of the oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, and then some gold-metal paint:

And that's with the matte black and literally a quick sweep of the oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.

Here I used a Q-tip and the gold-metal paint to put an intentionally somewhat messy layer of gold on:

I'll be adding some dark brown or black paint for aging to these before I start decorating with extra bits, like this:

And some extra clip-on lenses, too.   This magnifier lens will be fixed to one of the goggle's lenses and there will be a small blue LED light inside of it which I'll be able to twist on and off.

More pics to come!!