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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Steampunk: goggles WIP -part 2

New update:
I think that, as of tonight, I've got the painting part of the goggles finished...they've now been aged and polished in places and even added on some green patina.

*In 'aging' these, I was trying to keep in mind how aged brass looks...where it darkens, where it remains polished at points where it is continually being touched or rubbed, and where it's most likely that any kind of a rust-like patina might show up.

The patina shows up more 'pronounced' with the flash from the camera. In person it's a bit more subtle of an effect.
-To age/darken I sprayed on the matte black spray paint and then taking a tissue I just dabbed the excess off and left the black in negative areas.  I took the gold metal paint on my fingertip -just a very little bit, and applied it to the upraised areas with my fingertip, much the same as you would with the rub'n'buff paints.

Here's the patina and enamel/metal paints I used:

So detail photos:

I've now got all of my additional clip-on lenses here, though I think I need to pick up a replacement lens for the goggles themself. I want to paint that lens a deep blue shade using alcohol paint or some kind of reflective metallic paint.

(Edit) *the additional lens I used on these goggles were ordered from suppliers through
-SE Lens Clip  -both single and double lens
-5x Spectacle Eyeglass Magnifier

I will also be attaching leather straps and some leather for the middle nose-piece before it's all done with.

So far I'm really liking how well they are coming along. I'm quite impressed with how well they are turning out, especially with this being my first project of any sort like this.