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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Steampunk: Flint Lock Pistol WIP -part 2

Aside from some extra copper plumbing bits I may end up attaching to this pistol, the paint-job is totally finished.

As I did with the goggles in my previous entry, I sprayed the painted decorative pieces with matte black spray paint and then used a tissue to dab off the extra on the upraised designs. Using my fingertip I rubbed a small amount of the copper enamel paint onto the upraised parts, much the same as you would with the rub'n'buff paints.
-I wanted it to look aged, but that the upraised designs show through a little more polished in areas where they'd come into contact with skin or fabric, etc. on a regular-ish basis.
-I didn't want to use any rust-like patina on this gun because weapons tend to be well taken care of...knives honed and sharpened via an oiled wet-stone, and guns oiled and polished. Aging is one thing, guns get dirty. But anything that hints at rust shows neglect and a severe lack of care.     Depending on the character you are portraying, rust might be called for, but for my character...not the case.

Some detail pics of the aging effect: