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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's next?

Currently I've got a couple different projects mentally ear-marked for the near future.

Due to an up-coming Steampunk costume party, I'll be working on a new and MUCH smaller pair of cellophane fairy wings, goggles, a top hat, and possibly some striped leggings.

Later on, I've got a design for a steampunk/art-nouveau fairy mask I have plans to make soon.

Been itching to try my hand at making some mermaid stuff...  I want to remake some mermaid-fairy wings I made for one of my Ren Faire Fairy girls. And I want to make some mermaid art-nouveau head-pieces.

I've got a commissioned floral head-garland I dearly need to finish. It's all in med-purples. Should be quite pretty.:)

Possibly some demonic-bat wings for some dead-baby dolls for my brother's haunted house for next year's big Halloween party.

And...if I'm able to do it in time...I've been invited to vend at a friend's Burlesque event downtown in, need to make some smaller wings and garlands to sell for the event. And show off my masks and more ornate garlands and wings.:)

Feeling a little busy, but it's all for the best.  I went for quite a period there where I wasn't feeling terribly inspired or even motivated to do anything. And now that I'm feeling both, I don't want to let up on it in case it flutters off again too soon.   Get as much done with it as I can...and hopefully the old addage will prove true:  "The more you use it...." and so on. ;D