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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Home made alcohol ink

For painting on clear materials like vinyl or cellophane, I've been using Adirondack's alcohol inks on the suggestion of a wing-making friend of mine. These work great, beautiful colors, great quality, etc. But they are really small and a bit on the pricey side.   I load these into a jar with some thinning agent for my airbrush but they just don't really go that far, unfortunately.

Lastnight I started questioning what other alcohol ink brands might be out there and if they might have larger bottles at more affordable prices.   Well, I found a company on called Spectrum Noir...and they have 30ml bottles for $3.59 USD vs Adirondack's .5oz bottles at $2.99 USD.   Now, I haven't used Spectrum's products before and am in the process of ordering a bottle from them. So once that arrives, I'll let you know what the quality comparison between the two is.

But in the meantime, still trying to find a more affordable and more easily attainable solution.
Doing some searching, I hit on a couple of interesting options via some YouTube tutorial videos:

RIT dye and rubbing alcohol.   Hmmm.....

and this guy is doing pretty much the same thing, but still an interesting follow-up video...he's only using the liquid RIT Dye.

I'm wondering how well this method works in an airbrush and on a non-porous surface like vinyl....
Will have to try it out, I suppose.