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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Steampunk: Bust Skirt WIP and Finished

Thanks to my awesome friend, Fathom Swanson, the once ruffled bed-skirt, now elegant Steampunk bustle-skirt, is completely finished and ready to be worn Sat evening at the party.:)

Here's some of the still-work-in-progress pics.

I realize that a difference can't really be seen in these pics...but she was still pinning/draping the material during this stage and very little had actually been sewn yet and we were still making changes in this stage...she was originally going with a ruching technique whereas I wanted something more like pleats and bunches for a more Victorian-esque feel.

Here it is totally finished:

And done!! I've got an old purse filled with paper and stuffing that she's sewn into the bustle to help get the derrier part to 'poof'. I like it.:D