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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Steampunk: Wings WIP -part 4

Sadly, this process is definitely a slow one...but I'm almost totally finished with this part of the wing making. The next part should be the fun part. *crossing fingers*

Again, hand-stitching metal screen-mesh using floral wire to a wire frame.   This metal screen-mesh is NOT fun to work with...the little metal threads get everywhere when you have to cut the mesh, tiny little metal shards all over my carpet and my my clothes. And periodically, up into my nail-bed.:/   I have tiny little pin-pricks all over my finger tips and on my hands and arms from where I've accidentally gotten gouged by the mesh or scratched.

Everything is 'always' subject to change, of course....but my current plan is to NEVER again do a project like this using this metal screen-mesh. HELLZ NO!!!! *emphatically shaking head no*
I'm just hoping and praying that the end product is worth it and turns out as good as I'm hoping it will.
Definitely never seen wings like these before..:D

Up-close of the 3" plasma disc:

This thing also has a setting where it's voice-activated.  I'm just going to keep it on full during the party on Sat...but the voice/sound function could be fun, too.:)

And, for kitties (Ember and Indy) inspecting the plasma disc:

I've still got embellishments to add...a painted foam frame around the edges, copper wires, some little flat glass marbles...loads of spray paint...and that's about it right now.  But after I'm done they should look a LOT better than this.:)
-Not to mention the addition of that wing-pack thing I'm still working on....;D