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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Steampunk: Bustle Skirt WIP -part 1

This is the one article of my costume that I am NOT actually making myself:
My bustle-skirt, still a work-in-progress.  A friend of mine has brought her sewing dummy over to my apt and currently has the fabric partially draped.   This fabric is the remnants from a bedskirt of mine...she's taken out the black middle/filler fabric and here we're just using the actual skirt part.   
Under the bustle skirt I have a 2nd hand purse I picked up at Goodwill and this has been stuffed with the leftover fabric from the bedskirt. This will puff up the skirt in the Victorian style.
*I saw an image online of a woman wearing ornate tassles down the back of her bustle skirt...and I loved it, so I picked up some tassles on sale at Hobby Lobby to achieve a similar affect:

 My friend is hoping to have this totally finished by tonight.

Here's a link to the tutorial I followed on using a purse under the bustle skirt:
-But I'm going to see about having the purse sewn into the bustle skirt to make it all one permanent piece.