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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Steampunk: Utility belt WIP

 I recently saw this awesome tutorial on how to create a Steampunk utility belt and decided to give it a go. Went to Goodwill and picked up two different leather purses and a belt.

Here's the tutorial I used: How to Make a Steampunk Utility Belt

The purses:

My kitty, Ember, helping me out:

 *I forgot to take a before pic of this purse before I started cutting it, so here's the best I've got:

 The pockets from one of the purse are now cut out and trimmed:

-After cutting out the cargo pockets I used the strap from the purse to create the belt loops on the backside and I riveted the loop to the backside of cargo pocket.

-purse strap, again, cut and riveted to make the belt loop.

 -a friend of mine wearing my now finished bustle skirt and modeling the utility belt.