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Monday, October 14, 2013

Steampunk: Wing Pack WIP -part 4

Got some detail shots of the wing pack:

-using some brass model paint and, literally, my fingertips I applied some smudged paint over the upraised ridges and details for a rubbed/polished affect on the aged faux brass metal.

 -on this piece of the pack, which is the top middle, I used acetone and some cloth to remove the top layer of matte black spray paint to show the faux 'brass metal' underneath. Really happy with the effect here. I had to be really careful 'cause I was in danger of going through the brass paint layer to the black paint and even the red plastic underneath.
 -these are the screw holes from where I removed the top half of the remote control boat toy from the bottom half seen here.  I'm 'hoping' to be able to attach leather straps to these holes and create a harness so this can easily and comfortably be worn on my back with the wings.
 -Really liking the turbine cylinder parts on this piece...really cool. I want to do something more with them, but not sure what...yet.

-I really feel like rubbing the model paint on with my fingertips and blending it in looks so much better than doing it with a paint brush or any other implement.

I was talking about trying to insert some straps into the screw holes somehow....really not sure how I'm going to accomplish this part just yet. I've got a rivet kit from Tandy Leather, but not sure if any of the rivets are long enough to accommodate the layer or two of leather plus stretching through the plastic tube for the screw...

Here's some measurement pics to illustrate the size I'm working with:

-I've thought about putting a metal ring through this part and then attaching a grommeted length of leather strap to the ring...but I really don't like that option a whole lot. I'm really attached to the idea of riveting the leather strap straight to this piece and I don't want to have to put any extra holes into this piece, either.

I've had it suggested that I could glue the leather strap to the plastic underside...but that sounds more like a precarious temporary fix. I'm wanting whatever I end up doing to be a sure permanent thing. It's got some weight on it and I'm not comfortable trusting that to glue.:/

And here's an idea of how it'll look together once I've got the wings attached:

I've got more plans for this's not going to be plain/bare like this. I want lights and tubes of glowing green liquid, etc.   It's an uneven surface so I can only do so much to it...but go some ideas all the same.:)

And the harness system of straps I want to create around this pack will look something like this from the front:
-minus the feathers...maybe.