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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Steampunk: Wings WIP -part 5

Finally got my wings nearly finished this after, just in time for the party:

-Lots of spray paint and hot glue and E6000 later...:
 -I seem to be doing a lot of my work while sitting on my diningroom floor. Hoping to find a good cleaner soon so I can get some of these paint spots up.

-here I first laid out my wings and, using tissue paper, traced out the design I wanted for my faux metal panels on the actual wings.
Cut them out of the foam sheets and spray painted the HELL out of seen here.:D

  And now I've used hot glue to attach the foam/'faux metal panels' to the wings.  Really liking the look now..:)
 -using some upholstery tacks I picked up from a Hancock's Fabric store, I snipped off half the length of the actual pin part using some small wire-cutters, and half stuck them into the foam and half glued them on using E6000 glue.  
-Using remnant foam, I created a square and glued that to the foam panel...this is to house the plasma disc battery pack and to disguise what it is. 
*applied using hot glue.

*And now the nearly finished product with the plasma disc inserted into the box on the panel. The top pic. is turned off, the second on with the flash, and the third on with no flash.

I still have more plans for these wings...extra wires and stuff like that and possibly permanently attaching these to the Steampunk pack I've been working on. Still undecided about that..

And here's a blurry pic of me wearing the wings.   No flash in order to catch the glowing of the plasma discs: