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Friday, October 11, 2013

Steampunk: Wing pack WIP -part 3

Just a real quick, late-night update.   I've started painting on the wings...still gotta finish the hand-stitching of the 2nd wing, but figured in the mean-time I'd knock out the paint job on the one completed wing while mostly finishing the paint job on the wing pack.

The wing pack is mostly finished...there are some places that I neglected to paint in the first place and some where I accidentally went too far in my attempt at aging the brass paint.  And doing some detailing using my fingertips and some copper model-paint.

So here's what I've currently got:

-unfortunately, due to the nature of the metal screen can't really see the copper/bronze coloring unless this is up against something like a white or black backdrop. I think the black edging is more noticeable as shading on it's own.  

Here I've got the foam sheets painted using the hammered metal copper spray paint....I need more matte black to do the aging on top...  I'm going to use some tissue paper to create folded patterns over each of the two wings for the shape I want for the faux-metal sheeting (the painted foam sheets) that will be folded over the top spine of each of the wings.  Going to get some thinner foam sheets to create lining over the bottom edges, too. That metal screen mesh might accidentally brush someone and grab their costume or hair or face and create some I'm just going to be safe and cover the edges and paint them to look like more metal sheeting.

And here I'm pretty happy with how the faux aged brass patina'ing is coming along:

This is the bottom part that will sit against my back. I've got straps for it, just need some more buckles and a some thick foam for comfort.    I'll be adding more black in certain places, but otherwise...coming along nicely:

Today (Friday) is my last day to get all of this finished up. Hoping I can do it, but I think it won't be a big problem for me.:)

-Wish me luck!!