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Monday, November 25, 2013

Halloween Skull Makeup 2013

And this last post wraps up the skull makeups I did over Halloween weekend. These next two are the 4th and 5th applications. 

Nov. 1st -All Saint's Day, Full Skull Makeup. 
-Starting out with a few of the progress photos:

This was my set-up at my computer desk where I applied my makeup.

The products I used from Mehron's Paradise water-activated face makeup to NYX and MAC's matte eyeshadows.

These next are without my camera's flash:

And here's where I started to take off the makeup:

And lastly, the 5th and final application from Nov. 2nd, 2013:
With each application, of course, some things are bound to be a little different in one way or another...this time, I decided to add fine, hair-line cracks to the teeth...a detail I quite like:

I have a tutorial, or progress, video I'll be working on once that is finished, I'll post that and then no more skull makeup for a while.:)

Hope you've all enjoyed all of these skull makeup pics, though.:D