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Monday, November 25, 2013

Steampunk: Electroluminescent Wings -WIP part 9

These wings will be an on-going project for a while, I imagine...slow little updates here and there. That kind of thing...

I just picked up a few thin, brass candle stick holders from Goodwill this past week, which at some point I'll be trimming and applying to either the wings or the pack.

I'll be taking a little bit of a break, a temporary one, from Steampunk stuff for a little while... got just a little burned out, not totally, just a little bit. And right now I have other, pressing, concerns that I need to fully turn my attention to.
I still have plans of eventually (in the near future) creating more Steampunk hats and goggles and other such accessories and selling them through either ebay and/or my Etsy acct.  And I have some more ideas for some up-coming Fairy wings, floral garlands, and the like...including a Faery Queen crown which I want to make for myself for my role as the Faery Queen at next year's Renaissance Faire.
I'm hoping to be getting a new airbrush kit for Christmas...looking at a couple different iwata airbrush models on right now, trying to compare good vs bad points with each one.
-So if anyone reading this has experience with airbrushing, please pipe up -I'd love the opportunity to pick your brain.:D

I've added just a couple little decorative bits to the wings and finally got around to hanging them on the wall in my craftroom alongside my other Fairy wings:

Firstly, the selection of spray paints I've been working with over the course of my Steampunk projects.

Here's more work I've done on them....there's also some wear-and-tear to fix here and there.

-Using some wooden decorative flourishes, I painted and aged them and then attached them, using E6000 glue, to the faux-metal foam panels on the wings.
*these here are inside the smaller, bottom, set of wings.

 -This is the flourish applied to the outer side of the top, larger, wings.