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Friday, November 1, 2013

10.31.13: Halloween Skull Makeup/ Steampunk Costume

I'm totally wearing the fuck out of my rockin' Steampunk costume this whole Halloween weekend.:D
I've gotten a lot of good attention from my costume -having a good time with it.:)  And, lastnight (Halloween) was my 3rd go at my full-faced skull makeup and I'm very happy with it. Hopefully tonight will go just as well in applying it.

During the run of the night, one of the lens fell off of my now rather than just tighten the screw for it, I think I'm going to have to add some E6000 to be sure it stays this time. And the belt loop straps on two of my pouches tore gotta re-do those, it seems. Not sure exactly 'how' I want to try to re-attach them...but it needs to be done.

Unfortunately, here in Casper, there doesn't appear to be a ton of things for adults to do for Halloween...which is a real bummer.   There was a live-action production of the Rocky Horror Picture show going on at the college...but I ended up missing it, unfortunately. Hopefully they'll repeat this next year and I'll get to catch it then.   So, a friend and I dressed up and ended up hanging out at a bar with other dressed up patrons.     
She and I entered the costume contest...I got as far as finalist...but didn't place. I lost to a couple dressed as turquoise looking zombies, a Brawny Man, and an old gent dressed (rather well) as a 'one-night-stand'....he was great, he was wearing a night-stand table with a dildo, lube, handcuffs, some rope, a box of condoms, and a lamp on it.  I happily lost to him, but to the others....I'm a little grouchy about that. But whatever. I still had a good time.:D
-Really wishing I'd taken pics of some of the other people.

 -Just like last time, I used a variety of other skull makeup photos as reference and just sat and sketched the design on my face using a black eyeliner pencil over my freshly applied regular cosmetic Revlon liquid foundation.

 -Using a Paradise FX water-activated, face paint palette from Mehron, I filled in my designs. I used matte, white eyeshadow from NYX cosmetics to blend out the teeth over the face paint.  And MAC's "Carbon" black-matte eyeshadow for shading.

 -Unlike the last two applications, this time I decided to totally black-out my ears, neck, and define my jaw-line. I really like the effect a lot better this time.:)
*Using the NYX white eyeshadow and an eyeshadow brush, I added in high-lights around my face. And using MAC's "Blacktrack" fluidline and an eyeliner brush, I drew in the cracks.
And I added the black eyeshadow to further set and mattify the filled in black areas -only on my face, not my neck.

*And cause I enjoy being silly and taking pics of myself making funny faces...:

Some detail shots:

Really happy with how well the teeth turned out this time.

My favorite profile shot of this makeup.

And, with the addition of the awesome-sauce hat:

And full-costumed pics of myself and my friend, Fathom at the Wonder Bar in downtown Casper:

 -My friend, Fathom Swanson, dressed as a Sugar Skull/Dia Los Muertos woman.
 *Myself in my Steampunk costume and skull makeup.  Got some great compliments on my skull makeup and the wings.:)