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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Steampunk: Halloween Masquerade Ball -Costume/Makeup

This past Friday evening I attended the Halloween Masquerade Ball in downtown Casper featuring live bands and a friend of mine performing Burlesque.

It was an interesting experience...not really my scene in regards to the music....not as many people showed up in costume as I'd hoped and there weren't a lot of great costumes.  I showed up late, unfortunately, and missed the costume contest.  But I got a LOT of compliments on my costume, lots of people staring, got circled (awkwardly) a few times, and one dude was tripping balls over my plasma lights on my wings *laughing*.
- He came up to me and due to the loud music, was pretty much having to yell....still couldn't understand all that he was saying, but I understood enough.  He claimed he had 'dropped' some drug (didn't catch the name....but I understood that he "dropped" it as you would "drop acid"...not literally, dropped it as in lost it)...and then goes on to tell me that he was tripping over the lights on my wings.      So a few minutes after he finally left (was quite awkward as he continued to stand in front of me and just mindlessly stare at my wings for another minute or two), I leaned into my sister and told her that dude had been "tripping balls" over my plasma discs. She laughed.

I felt various people roughly brush past my wings and while it pissed me off because the damned things are lit up and very hard not to notice, at the same time I know they are strong enough to not get ruined easily, and then the nasty part of me took a little glee in it due to the fact that my wings have raw metal-mesh edges and will do more damage to the person being rude and brushing into my wings than they'll do to my wings.      And, there was quite a bit of room around me, so no need to be roughly brushing into my wings.  Even if you are drunk as fuck.:/

So, had my sister take some pics of me in my costume that night. I added a black, layered, under-skirt to the outfit...which I think I'll be leaving off Halloween night. It sat a lot lower than I'd intended for it, too.  But otherwise, pretty happy with the outfit overall. 
The wings wouldn't sit properly....kept tipping to one or the other side and so my sister was continually grabbing them and recentering them for me...working on fixing that problem.

First up, my 2nd attempt at the skull makeup...these pics were taken 'after' the party:

-actually those three were before I got dressed up, so I had 'just' finished with the makeup application.

These next were after the party.

 -Added a Sepia filter in Photoshop.

And now pics of my costume at the Halloween Masquerade Ball:

Some pics outside in downtown Casper:

And some details of the belt pockets I made from old purses:

I have some professional quality, water-activated, face paint by Mehron, that just arrived in the mail yesterday, which I'll be using for Halloween...hopefully it'll look a bit better than the cheap Halloween paint and eyeshadow does.

-I'll be posting my pics of the full costume and lit-up wings with face paint from Halloween either Friday or over the weekend.