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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Small Fairy Wings WIP -pt 1

These wings are a late Christmas present to my two nieces, Lilly and Shay.   This is the first time I've made wings this small...excited to see how well they turn out.
These will be iridescent cellophane/vinyl wings. One will be blue and one pink as those are the girls respective favorite colors.  
-with these two I'm playing with the idea of adding in glitter designs between the layers...see how that turns out.

I'm wanting to make a 3rd pair to keep for myself as a model for future wings. Can't decide if I want to keep them clear-iridescent or add in some I really like purple.

-used plastic coated 14gauge galvanized wire and electrical tape to create the frames.

-this set is made up of 4 petals or 'wing segments'. Here is one of the top segments wrapped in brown floral tape. This one measures 17inches from the base straight up to the tip.

-Top and bottom segments together...

-from the top, tip to tip, measures 34 inches wide and from the tip of the top wing segment to the tip of the bottom wing segment, is 20 inches.  

*These are probably more 'medium' sized than 'small' wings by conventional standards...but still pretty small by own standards. :)