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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Updates and Faery Coins

I realize it's been over a year since I last posted anything in here. To be honest, not been sure how many people are actually paying attention to my blog.  But regardless, I enjoy blogging every now and then and I enjoy sharing my art, so here I am. Back for more blogging. :D

I've moved again recently...into a larger and brighter apt....much happier now.   I've been working on various little projects here and there with varied results...and some excellent news, which I will be sharing soon. :)

A brief preface, as an artist first and foremost my passion has always been mask-making...but like a lot of artists, I like to play around with other ideas and themes and mediums -see what else I can do. Also, when I find myself in a position where I cannot easily work on my mask-making, I turn to other ideas.   But even that all aside, my theme of choice has always been Fantasy -primarily, Faery.

With that said.... here's what I've been working on lately.... Something I've come up with which I call "Faire Coins" and I make them in 4 different themes (currently)....Faery, Mermaid, Pirate, and Renaissance.
-I make these out of an air-dry clay which I make at home in my kitchen over the stove.

I first made these as Faery coins back in 2013 when I was working at a small Renaissance Festival in Casper, WY as their Faery Queen. I wanted something special and unique to hand out to the children rather than the usual small glass flat marbles most Fairy entertainers pass out at these events.     And finally I was inspired by a passage in Brian Froud and Alan Lee's book "Fairies" wherein Faery money was described....the Fairies would put a glamour on leaves and pebbles to make it look like the money of that area which the Fairies would spend at the market in town, but at the end of the day, when the merchants were counting their tills, rather than finding money, they'd find the leaves and pebbles where the glamour had worn off.      I thought that this was perfect!  After much brainstorming and a total break-through of inspiration in the shower one day, I came up with my own Faery coins.   Aged looking coins with fairy designs on them and finished in colorful pearlescent pigments and glitter, for that extra magical feel. :)

They were a big hit both with the Ren Faire's Committee but also with the children at the Faire.  I had written a brief little blurb about the Faery Coins, which was included in the Ren Faire's pamphlet. And I happened to be in earshot at an opportune moment to hear a father telling his child about the Faery coins and the magic cast on them by the Fairies. And that you have to continue believing in the magic and the Fairies so the glamour doesn't wear off of the coins and turn back into rocks and leaves. -Just like I explained in the pamphlet!  It was a really cool experience and really made me feel like all the time and effort had been well worth it. :)
I started out with a few designs and an awkward looking coin, but over time, with practice and experience, I have come up with a better looking coin and more designs and have expanded from just Faery coins to Pirate coins, Mermaid coins, and the more realistic looking Renaissance coins.
I actually sell these in large batches through my Etsy shop. :D

I'll post more photos of the various themes and designs in my follow-up posts.

If you're interested in purchasing coins, check out my Etsy shop: