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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Faery Coin photos

In my last post I gave a little bit of a backstory on the creation of my "Faire Coins".  But I didn't really go over what uses they may have...         as I had explained, I had initially created them for myself and my Faery Cast to pass out to children at the Renaissance Festival we were working, and as I said - they were a big hit. Everyone loved them. :)       A couple years later I thought that I should make more and offer them for sale in large batches to performers/entertainers at events such as Renaissance and Fantasy Festivals.  Then I realized that I needed to offer themes other than just Faery.   And so I came up with the Mermaid, Pirate, and Renaissance themes...each theme offering a variety of designs.

So here are some pics of my more recent Faery coins.....I make them with unicorns, fairys, Greenmen, art nouveau women's faces, Troll faces, Dryads, and my newest design, a Fairy Knight.   Each coin is cast from a hand-made mold of my making. And once fully cured and hardened, I spray them in either gold, silver, bronze, or copper and then age them with a blackened patina, and then I decorate each one, individually, with colorful pearlescent pigments and glitters, before sealing them in with a polyurethane sealant.
Sadly, photos don't do these beautiful coins justice.     And each coin is 2-sided with a different design on each side. :)

 -My latest design, the Fairy Knight.

 -A unicorn, Greenman, and a Fairy.
 -Another Greenman
 -The following shots are of a few different Fairy Knight coins I did. I'm very pleased with how well their coloring turned out. The top one here was photographed under natural sunlight and the ones below were taken with a flash while outside.

These next ones are older photos showing off more of my Faery coin designs.

 -A Faery coin photo-shoot I attempted outside. The idea behind this photoshoot was that a Fairy wandering through the woods had dropped her bag of "glamoured" Faery coins and they had spilled out onto the mossy ground.

 -Kissing Dryads.

 -A Troll face to the left here. I thought these guys turned out pretty cool for what I was going for. 

 -the pigment dusting job on this copper Greenman turned out beautifully and is one of my favorites. Sadly, he has since been sold off.

 -an art nouveau Iris fairy and a Greenman.

Next I'll be showing the Mermaid and Pirate coins. :)

If you're interested in purchasing any of my coins, these are currently 'made-to-order' listings 'till I get more stock built up... you can check out my Etsy shop for more info: