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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Faery Lanterns

I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy. Always creating!!

With the recent new Fairy Jars I was struck with inspiration. I took that idea and added my own twist to it. Faery Lanterns!   My Faery Lanterns are decorated with handsculpted polymer clay accents.  A friend recently commented that in adding these additional clay details, I've created a scene in which the Fairy lives, and not just a jar for her to be captured in.
-This was really neat as I wasn't conscious of this effect 'till she had pointed it out.

I had the idea shortly after watching a YouTube video of Pixie Hill's Fairy Jars and then later a polymer clay video which used these lovely little lantern jars. Inspiration just about knocked me out of my chair!!
-I immediately set to scribbling down notes full of ideas for my own Faery Lanterns and I was thrilled once I had all of my supplies in hand and was ready to start on my first one.  And they have each turned out beautifully!

My very first one:

I was really happy with how this one turned out, it was so cute!!  

And then I had to create a 2nd one:

With each new one, I wanted to try something new, something a bit different than the one before.  So, the 3rd one...I wanted to try some color and a lot more detail:

 -My first ever try at sculpting Foxglove blossoms.

 -And my first ever Fairy Frog!

Each of these lanterns have since sold, but I am currently working on 2 more Faery Lantern commissions and have an idea for a 3rd, soon after.

These are absolutely adorable and make for fantastic night-lights in children's bedrooms, or even as a cute and whimsical touch to a home. :)

Watch my Etsy shop for up-coming lanterns!

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