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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'Whimsical Garden Mushrooms'

Prior to creating my Faery Lanterns, I had decided to pick up some Sculpey polymer clay my fiancee had left laying around the house and play with it myself.    I had been seeing these adorable garden mushrooms all over the place and figured that since I couldn't afford to buy any myself, maybe I'd try making my own.

My first little mushroom really wasn't all that great...but I got better with each one:

And there were more, of course, but this gives you a good idea.   I came to call these my 'Whimsical Garden Mushrooms'.   I made over 20 in a spam of roughly a week...and it actually took me longer to paint these things than to sculpt them!  
Turns out, I have a natural talent for sculpting...pretty cool!!!

I've been selling my handsculpted, polymer clay, garden mushrooms in my etsy:

I've kinda paused on making those as I keep coming up with new stuff I want to sculpt, but these are fun, so I'm sure I'll be coming back to them before too long. :)


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