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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Visit me on Patreon!

I am now on Patreon!   I will be posting most of my work on Patreon from now on. This includes, my blogging...which is pretty much me musing out-loud about ideas and thoughts and that sort of thing... photos of my work-in-progress...stuff I'm working on, shots as I go.... any 'behind the scenes' kind of stuff, lots of up-close 'detail' pics of my art which you may not see anywhere else, and future videos I hope to soon be making of my art and progress. As well as, the periodic sale codes for my Etsy shop, which only my Patreon Supporters will be able to access.

Here's the deal...  I've got a page set up on Facebook, but with Facebook's algorithms, even though I am closing in on 700 Followers, hardly anyone is seeing my posts. Which is EXTREMELY disappointing and upsetting to me, of course, and hopefully to those who have chosen to follow my art, too.

With Patreon you are able to see each and every post I make and if you decide to become a Patron of my art, which enables you to help support me in making more and better art content, then you are privvy to the above-mentioned 'work-in-progress' posts, which also includes up-coming tutorials, too.   These are the Rewards a Patron would receive in helping to support my art...access to "behind the scenes" stuff! :D

You can donate anywhere from $1 a month to $10, or more. It's entirely up to you, the Patron, and you can stop and cancel whenever you want with no problems or guilt. However much you can afford is greatly appreciated. :)

You don't 'have' to pay to see my art, of course...I post it on my Facebook and Instagram and periodically even to my Pinterest and Deviantart. BUT, the 'behind the scenes' content will be staying solely on Patreon very soon. I'm working on getting everything switched over as I go. And all the bonus Rewards stuff will 'only' be accessible to my Patreon Supporters. So there are all sorts of benefits to Following my art on Patreon vs anywhere else.
Plus, if you have questions or want to comment, you can do it right on the post and I'll be able to answer you back quickly. :D

Feel free to drop in and say Hi! on Patreon, and whether you choose to become a Supporter or not, you are always welcome to hang out and see what I'm posting to the public, too! :)