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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Greenman Mushrooms

My next logical step up from mushrooms was....Greenman Mushrooms!!!

Each one was handsculpted using Sculpey's Original polymer clay in white and then carefully painted by hand with acrylic paints.

My first one was small and grumpy looking, but really cute and I was soo proud of him!!


The next one was larger and MUCH grander, in my opinion...I immediately fell in love with this one. I spent HOURS just painting him. I was trying a watercolor effect technique, which involves lots of layering of watered down acrylic paint. But well worth it!

This one I call, The Autumn Greenman Mushroom!


And come Spring, with all the trees budding and the flowers blooming, I had to create this lovely Lady:
I call her The Spring Mushroom Goddess

*She is covered in a multitude of leaves and flowers from butterfly bush spikes, in a variety of colors ...which have attracted a couple of blue butterflies, to a mane of pink and apricot colored rose petals around her face.

I admit to having had a hard time capturing a feminine look to her face after having done the earlier grumpy old-men looking Greenmen...but I think I finally was able to capture the feminine essence in her face. :)

Her mushroom cap, much like the earlier Autumn Greenman Mushroom, is imprinted with knotwork designs and carefully painted in a gradient from light to dark.

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