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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quick tip...

Alright, so I just learned why liquid gold leaf is stored in thick glass jars....'cause it melts plastic. Seriously.:/

I've had this jar of liquid gold leaf for about two years now and have only used it a few times. When I tried to open it lastnight I couldn't get the tin lid off. So I've surmised that I must have gotten some of the gold leaf onto the threading of either the glass jar or the lid and once the lid was screwed shut, it dried solid. So, I ended up having to have a hole punched into the lid just to get at the product inside. In an attempt to save as much of the product as I could, I stored the rest in three little plastic bead storage jars and proceeded to work from the jar with the least amount of product in it. I left them sitting on my wood floor with lids tightly screwed on, lastnight.
Just picked up the little jar with the least amount in it to find that the plastic bottom had completely melted away and the gold leaf had gunked to the wood flooring -crap, right? Oh yea! ;/

I'm going to try to use nail polish remover with acetone in it to remove it from the floor, but I'm concerned about the possibility of any noxious/toxic fumes from the colliding of two powerful chemicals. As it is, you're not supposed to inhale too much of the liquid gold leaf fumes, it's dangerous and highly toxic.

After this mask is done and I'm finished using the gold leaf for this project, I'm tossing those two jars before they completely melt and make a mess, too.

I'll definitely be picking up another jar of liquid gold leafing as it's got a gorgeous and rich finish to it and it's so much faster, cleaner, and easier for me to use than gold leaf foil, but next time I'll be more careful about getting the liquid in the threading.

Hope this is useful info. for someone and if you know how to get liquid gold leaf out of wood, please speak up!