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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Black nylon fairy wings update -prt 2

To be quite honest...when I started working on these wings, I had a particular, though not-fully realized, idea in my head as to how I wanted these to turn out.
My main favorite color is a deep, royal, blue-toned I tend to like to lean in that color-direction with a lot of my projects. luck would have it, I didn't have any purple glitters laying around when I started these wings and I'm impatient and often impulsive, so I decided to just start on in with them.

Well...they went a totally different direction...I had some iridescent yellow glitter on hand and thought that that might look pretty damned cool against the black.    And I suppose it does, but I'm not a yellow kind of person.    So these wings, despite all the glitter, have just not lived up to what I'd envisioned for them and perhaps that's greatly why I haven't been in a big rush to finish them.

I recently bought these Dylusions dye sprays from Hobby Lobby....originally with the thought of using them on my vinyl/cellophane wings, but they don't appear to be good for non-porous, on a whim, I decided to use the turquoise colored one and spray an area on the black wings. Well hell, I like it!

I just sprayed the tip here, but I really like the fade look and how it affects the already dried glitters.
Here's a couple more examples:

So now these wings are starting to look better to me. Once they are totally finished I'll be adding accents of this ink spray around the edges and tips, etc.      It's showing promise!!!
This stuff stains your skin pretty good, so careful if you decide to use this stuff.