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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Purple cello-Fairy wings

These are my latest cellophane/vinyl fairy wings.  For my inspiration I pulled heavily from one of Fancy Fairy's fairy wing designs.  But these are wings I am making and keeping for myself, not selling.    I tried to add in my own touches, but I want to be honest in that I did draw heavily from one of her beautiful wing designs.   Just getting that out up-front.

These were not originally intended to be this big, they really weren't. I was honestly trying for something in the medium-size range...something that's somewhat easy to maneuver around in. *laughing* But, knowing me...and as I commented in an earlier post tonight, apparently it's nearly impossible for me to do anything less than HUGE. Well, huge for me, anyway. I've definitely seen MUCH larger wings, but these are still a lot larger than they were intended to be.
-for an idea of size, these are very nearly just as large as the earlier "Faery Queen" wings. No kidding. 

I used two different colors of iridescent cellophane in making these. One side is the usual plain iridescent and the other is a light crystal blue iridescent.  Not that it matters later on... ;D

To start off, here's the WIP:

Fully wrapped:

And here's the frame sandwiched in a mess of cellophane and vinyl:


And they are freshly cut and put together:

Sadly, I can't seem to let well enough alone...
 -pulled out my airbrush:

Lookin' pretty good now...

Hmmm...still feeling like it's not quite done....needs something more...
-pulled out the airbrush and some indigo paint...

Made some mistakes in a couple of places, but I think I can fix them easily enough. Can't fully decide if I like them better this way or more before I decided to darken them...:/