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Monday, October 14, 2013

Steampunk: Wings WIP -part 6

More updates on the wings...

Now, as a preface...I'm one of those insane artistic people who just 'can't' leave something alone....can't deal with simplicity.  Unfortunately, this can either go really well or really badly and totally fuck up a project...the unfortunate part being that I'm never exactly sure which way it's going to go 'till I'm finished.

With that said....I really like my steampunk wings (can't decide if I want them to be 'fairy steampunk wings' or just steampunk wings....), but I'm starting to feel like they need 'more'. "More what?", you might be reply, I say..."Well, more...'something'...."    I don't know if I need another small set of wings to attach to this or not...or if it's totally fine as-is.  I would LOVE some feedback from anyone and everyone actually reading this. Please do comment and tell me what you think.   

These aren't actually connected, yet...but this is the plan for it:

-I really do like this with the tack heads...and the texture effect with the various spray paints...but I feel like it's still missing 'something'. I want to glue on some flat-backed marbles as simply decoration...but otherwise...not sure.

I've been playing around with the idea of somehow incorporating 'electroluminescent wire' into the wing-pack....recently thinking of outlining the wings in it..:
-outlining might give me more of that 'something' I'm looking for...   I'm also wanting to make more faux metal paneling out of the foam and line the edges of the wings in that...for two reasons: 1 -the raw edges of the metal are a bad idea exposed as they are and 2...would look better.

Any thoughts?