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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mermaid and Pirate "Faire Coins"

I'm posting Mermaids and Pirates together because they just seem to go hand-in-hand in my opinion...but also because I have mingled some mermaid designs into my Pirate themed coins.

Now, like the Faery coins I also dust my Mermaid coins with colorful pearlescent pigments and glitters...though I do try to keep more greens and blues with the Mermaids.
My Pirate coins are spray painted in a variety of metal colors from silver and gold to copper and bronze. And then I just do an aged blackened patina on them...though, I have done a few with a turquoise looking water-rust effect, which was pretty cool looking, too. :)

And the few pics are the Renaissance themed coins. Now these are done with a little more of a realistic flair with designs that are familiar to the Renaissance/Medieval period. They are not as aged as the Pirate coins are, but do still have a little bit of a tarnished patina on them.      

Like the Faery coins and the Renaissance coins, I am planning to eventually create themed photos for each series of coins.  I have plans for better staged photos for both the Mermaid and Pirate coins. But for now, this is what I've got.  
Oh, and eventually I will be making the Mermaid coins waterproof for Mermaid performers/entertainers. :)

 -Two mermaids with a Pirate ship between their tails.

 -Here's a mix of Mermaid and Pirate coins. I included holes at the tops of coins when it is requested, so they can be worn on a necklace or as a favor.

 -A lone mermaid looking out at a ship on the waves.

 -A Renaissance Jester coin at the bottom here.

 -Just Pirate coins here.

 -The Renaissance coins.

If you are interested in purchasing some coins for yourself, feel free to contact me through my shop on Etsy:

Thanks! :)