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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Handmade Tooth Fairy bags

And my last post for now, I want to share with you all my latest creation around my handmade coins.

I came up with the idea to create Tooth Fairy bags as gifts from the Tooth Fairy to put under your child's pillow in exchange for their lost tooth.
The gift bag includes:
* ONE hand painted small blue fabric drawstring bag, with a stylized tooth design on the front
* ONE hand-written letter to your child from the Tooth Fairy, written in cursive.
-I cut the paper to size and burn the edges for an aged look, decorate with a couple of Fairy stamps, including one that says "Tooth Fairy Approved". Then I use a metal calligraphy pen dipped in a pot of black ink to write each letter by hand.  If you purchase through my Etsy shop and give me your child's name, I'll personally address the letter to your child by name.   And you can even include some details you might want added into the letter from the Tooth Fairy. :)   The letter is rolled into a tight scroll and tied with a red ribbon with a small silver charm attached. Currently either a small silver fairy wand charm or a charm with "Believe" written on it.
* ONE handmade 2-sided "Faery Wish" coin. On one side is a Tooth Fairy design and on the other a large tooth design.  Each coins is hand painted and decorated with colorful pearlescent pigments, so no 2 are ever exactly alike. And the coins vary in colors.
* and this bag comes with a small baggy of iridescent glitter that you can sprinkle around the bag and under your child's pillow if you choose to.
-And it's up to you, as the parent, to put anything extra in the bag you might want, like coins or a dollar bill.

The coins are durable and feel like a light-weight but hard plastic. Don't leave them in water or in heat and they'll last a very very long time. :)

You can purchase my Tooth Fairy bags through my Etsy shop, here:
Tooth Fairy bags at Etsy 

Here are my Tooth Fairy bags:

 -The money is not included, just shown as an example in the photos. Also, only ONE letter - this pic shows the letter rolled up in a scroll and tied, as well as open to show you what it looks like inside. And 2 Faery Wish coins are pictured to show you what both the front and the backside looks like, but only one is provided per bag.

-This is what you get with each Tooth Fairy gift bag purchase.

And some brief 'behind the scenes' shots:

-Some front and back some different color combos going on with these Tooth Fairy coins.

And a whole batch of coins I had going at once...whew!!!

I'm selling each bag at $20 each. They take a lot of time and materials to make.

Rather than buying something printed off of the computer to give to your child from the Tooth Fairy, why not keep the hand-crafted magic with a personal touch as an option?

I've looked around online and so far haven't seen anything else quite like what I'm offering.  I've already sold quite a few and have had glowing reviews from the parents regarding their child's excitement and joy over their magical surprise under their pillow.   And every time I hear from another parent about how much their child loved their Tooth Fairy bag, it makes me really happy and convinces me that I'm on the right track. :D

To purchase one of my hand-crafted Tooth Fairy bags, click on this link: (I currently have 9 available with more in the works!)
Tooth Fairy bags at Etsy