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Thursday, December 10, 2015

My BIG news!! - Faerie Magazine...

 Ok, this is my 'last' post for now, lol!!!

I had mentioned my Big news a couple of posts back...  but first, if you haven't yet taken a look at my Tooth Fairy bags post, please go do so now. Don't worry, I'll wait. :D

Ok, SOooooo   Faerie Magazine is now selling my Tooth Fairy bags through their website!!!! :D    They were directed to my etsy page and really liked my Tooth Fairy bags and contacted me immediately.  They sold out of the first 8 I sent them pretty quickly and then at their request I made them a custom design for the Tooth Fairy "Faery Wish" coins. Something different from the Tooth Fairy coins I sell through my own Etsy shop.

I'm really excited over this as I have been a long-time fan of their beautiful magazines and have often dreamt of selling my artwork through their magazine -though I always imagined I'd be buying ad space vs selling directly through their website like this. Even better! :D   I feel like this is a really fantastic opportunity for me and am 'incredibly' flattered over their attention to my Tooth Fairy bags. :)

So in my last post I showed my own Tooth Fairy bags which I sell through my own Etsy shop.  Here are the ones I am selling through Faerie Magazine. Everything is exactly the same, the only difference is the Faery Wish coin has a different design on one side. This design is exclusive to Faery Magazine for as long they sell my coins through their site.
Tooth Fairy bags at Faerie Magazine 

 -Everything from the last post regarding my own Tooth Fairy bags applies the same here, except that you can't request to have your child's name personally addressed in the Tooth Fairy letter.  But what you see in this bottom photo is what you get. ONE 'Faery Wish' coin per Tooth Fairy bag.

Now, the pics below are some 'behind the scenes' pics as I was making them..

 -This is a mixed pile of they've only been painted and blackened for an aged effect. I actually like this look, but they are a lot prettier with the color pearlescent pigments added.

 -These next few are the same custom Tooth Fairy coin design for Faerie Magazine, but just showing some different colorings.

And lastly... here's a large order I mailed out to Faerie Magazine yesterday afternoon:

They are 'currently' out of stock at the Faerie Magazine site 'till they receive this box, but you can check it out here:
Tooth Fairy bags at Faerie Magazine

Thanks! :)