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Monday, December 28, 2015

"The Luna Moth Fairy Pendant"
-I created this gorgeous large statement-piece necklace pendant right before Christmas. It's a One of a Kind, handmade item.  I made the wings from a combination of transparent liquid polymer clay, pearlescent pigments and glitters, and a high-quality iridescent film, accented with AB crystal rhinestones.  The metal jewelry pieces are hand painted with a selection of acrylic paints and iridescent interference art mediums, and accented with hanging crystals at the bottom.  This pendant is 5" in length by 5.5" across from wing tip to wing tip at the very top.

I'm very proud of this piece and want to make more large pendants in similar styles and themes. I may even try reproducing this same design, but being handmade, there will be differences, of course.

I'm really happy with how beautifully the photos with the teapot turned out...especially due to all the elements that went into producing them. I used a large pair of my iridescent fairy wings to help redirect sunlight, from the window above and behind this setup, onto the pendant.  -Something that just happened on a whim, but worked out great. :)
I was lucky to just happen to have this old silver teapot sitting around, which I'd picked up from a Goodwill earlier this year.  It turned out to be a beautiful photo prop.

I have it for sale right now in my Etsy shop, right here: Luna Moth Fairy Pendant on Etsy