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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Roughly two weeks ago now I sat down at my clay table and started making these really magical mini-Fairy Door pendants.  

-I've seen all manner of Fairy Doors to decorate your home or your child's bedroom with, or even your garden.  But I thought it would be really wonderful if you could 'wear' the magic of a Fairy Door with you everywhere you go!

I'm the kind of artist who doesn't tend to make something she herself wouldn't want to buy or wear.   So everything you see me make is something I actually want for myself.
Lol, my Greenman Mushrooms and Fairy Frogs have been self-claimed for my home, if that tells you anything. :D

Now, as I've stated in a recent post, I have a Patreon acct. I've been posting my work-in-progress photos and even a tutorial there.  So, if you want to see my work-in-progress shots and read me talking about my process or whatever, if you like seeing behind the scenes shots which periodically show my work-space and so forthe, and if you'd like to be privvy to any discount codes to my Etsy shop, I suggest you check out my Patreon and Follow me there. :)

And now, for the mini Fairy Door pendants!!  

I'm currently selling these in my Etsy shop:

I've got another 6 mini Fairy Door pendants ready to be baked soon. But the oven is currently down for the count, as it were...really hoping it'll get fixed soon, though.